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Teen Wolf S3E2 Episode Reaction

teen wolf
LOOK AT LITTLE GRIN ON PETER’S FACE. “Young love. flirting all over the place”.

That pic aside, second episode was much much better than the chaotic, unsubtle season premiere. Thank goodness, I thought I was delusional when I thought Teen Wolf as enjoyable outside of eye-candy. This episode proved that I’m not crazy and this show is a bit more than eye-candy.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

First off, I am loving Derek this season so far. He seems to be more mellowed out and more self-assured. I’m betting this is a filming decision to cast Derek in sunlight at almost every opportunity. I don’t recall his leather jacket or shades anywhere this season. On the other hand, the  Alpha pack is constantly seen wearing leather and lurking in shadows. Purposely casting the Alphas as the villains this season against the joint team of Derek and Scott instead of Derek vs. Scott. And YES. Derek finally said it to Lydia and Allison why they really should be grateful that Derek’s being fair enough to listen to him WHEN HE’S RUNNING OUT OF TIME, even if he’s not going to go out on a limb to trust either of them. SOMEONE needed to say it.

And let’s be honest guys, who didn’t cry a little when Derek first saw his little sister? “My life for theirs”? “I won’t blame you if you don’t follow me”?

Trade off? Erica :(. I expected it, but it still hurt a little. Wish they didn’t have to show her all zombie and corpse like. If the reason they kept them in a vault was to keep the moonlight from hitting them and not to pit each other against one another, why did Erica die then? Need to know!

And ISAAC. Poor baby is going through so much and he’s so trusting and willing to risk it to try and save Boyd and Erica. Completely ignoring the logic of this spell/hypnosis and trusting Deaton’s magical abilities: Isaac’s father stuck him in a freezer, guys. That dunk in the cold and being held down did nothing for his psyche. D= (That little arm grab with Scott. Writers, are you implying something?)

Research buddies Peter and Stiles. I was looking forward to more of their interactions ;D Glad I got some so early in the season. (I was getting Internshipdeja-vu looking at Dylan O’Brien on the phone.)

Speaking of action. Stiles. Doing it with your childhood friend? Really??? (I hope Heather’s okay D= Seriously though, what was throwing that around. I thought I accidentally tuned into Supernatural rerun.)

One of the things I hated about the previous episode was how chaotic it seemed when they introduced the Alphas. This episode was much more sedate and comprehensive. I could have done without the whole Scott thinks those Twins are mighty fishy. I mean really. Twins aren’t that common. New twins in town? Alpha twins taht merge into one alpha that Deaton and Isaac told you about? ARE YOU CONNECTING THE DOTS, SCOTT? YOU’VE GOTTEN SMARTER THIS SEASON.

Oh damn! COACH! YES! Two things I loved about that.
1) He was so encouraging when Scott answered a question right.
2) Minimal fuss and embarrassment to Stiles when that condom fell out of his pocket. That dramatic double flip when the condom fell on the floor was like. Oh this is gonna be bad. But the Coach brushed it off just like that. Handled very nicely.

AND that scene. I knew that this show can do subtle. Scott ain’t gonna play the risk/reward, even though he knows with his werewolf skills he’d very likely win. He’d rather not let the werewolf skills interfere with his school work and actually DO the work.

Ending could have been better. Lydia screaming? Writers, I expect her to play a bigger role than screaming around, flirting around, spouting random facts, and announcing people’s sexuality everywhere.

And finally, the gratuitous, omg look at gorgeous they were!

Did Stiles always wear vaguely hipstery clothes? I am loving those red pants. And that V-neck. And his haaaaaair. Still no explanation for its sudden growth other than perhaps he’s growing up, but okay. Taking it in stride.


Allison’s haairrrrr. Love the colour and how short it is.

Lydia and Allison’s coatssss. I want.

*squint* Wait a second. That photo on Scott’s phone looks bizarrely like that scene when Allison was like “Bestiality?” and Stiles is like “No! Bestiary!” How’d he get that?

Isaac’s wet eyelashes.

Peter’s hair! Pack telepathy?? “Tomorrow night!” That sass.

To be revealed.


Fic, Family Dinner Part 2

FIC, Family Dinner

Title: Family Dinner
Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Pairing: Percy/Nico
Rating: T
Summary: The fancy invite card read: Welcome to our new home! Please join Percy Jackson and Nico di Angelo’s housewarming dinner on October 12. Please do not feel the need to bring anything. Dinner begins at 6:00pm. The address is 38501 Sunshine Lane, Long Island.

Yes I am attending to their housewarming dinner. Collapse )

I blame this on my brother

Rewarded Solutions

Title: Rewarded Solutions
Fandom: Ironside by Holly Black
Pairing: Corny/Luis
Summary: Luis did not know of any better way to spend an evening than doing Math homework.

One of my favourite works. :) 

Rewarded SolutionsCollapse )



Title: Beautiful
Fandom: Ironside by Holly Black
Pairing: Corny/Luis
Summary: He was beautiful. His head tossed back in ecstasy and rapture. Ghastly hands stroked his slender frame, running over wrinkled shirt. His lips bore down on the elfin neck and pearly teeth took a vampiric bite.

Wrote this a loong time ago, it is also posted on fanfiction.net

BeautifulCollapse )



Complimentary Comforts

Marus and Urban fanfic, which I posted to Featherdance community, because they are awesome.

To Featherdance



Title: Daisies
Fandom: Kiesha'ra Series by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Couple: Urban/Marus
Rating: G


There was a quiet pat pat that woke Urban from his sleep.

The bed he laid upon was an uncomfortable surface incomparable to the nest. The avian doctor, Rian, was a careful and meticulous woman but without any sense of humour. She seemed to geniuely care for him, despite him being a serpiente. Her philosophy was that so long he was her patient, she would see to it that he healed.

It was near sunset, when he looked out the window. And then the view was covered by a black mass of feathers. There, a sheepish looking Marus waved. 

Nothing, not even the soreness of his bruises nor Rian's threat that he will limp for the rest of his life, could keep him from his curiousity and opening that window.

And that was how a fidgety demi-raven managed to sneak into his room through a window.

That also explained the bouquet of daisies that were a loveliest shade of bright yellow and smelled just as lovely were pushed under his nose.

"Are those for me?" a smile flitted across Urban's face.

The nervous look on the usually reserved, young man's face was sweet.

"Remember, I was never here." 


Writer's Block: Wild Rumpus

A lot of characters in kids' books have it pretty good, from calling the start of the wild rumpus to ordering room service from their hotel suite. If you could be any character from children's literature, who would you be?
With maybe a bit of hesitation: Ripred from the Underland Chronicles. One, he's got an awesome name. (Yes, my name is common.) He's six foot tall. (Yes, I resent being short.) He's a male. (Yes, let's annouce it to the world. I'm suffering from the womanly period.) 

Why the hesitation? He's got horrible hygiene for one. And what would it be like to have humongous teeth?

But what makes Ripred so desirable above all other characters?

In the series, the main character's PoV of him was constantly shifting because Ripred just wouldn't stay on one side of whatever war they were heading into. The side of the war Ripred was on wasn't dependant on loyalities, but on his own cares and how that would benefit him. While that might just come off as plain selfish, when he was on your side of the war, he would do whatever it is to help you. If he was against you, you have reason to be scared.

He's a respected and feared warrior. He's tough. He'll receive these mortal wounds and somehow still make it out alive through sheer cleverness and will.

He's got a snappy attitude. Often witty one liners or insults that would either cheer up the whole scene with how typical "Oh that's just Ripred" or provoke an angry reaction that will startle them into action. It's admirable to be able to stand up and insult your enemies with such casual grace. Everytime that Ripred is mention, he brings in this confidence and comfort at the same time. Like he will handle the situation. He can take charge.

Personality wise, there is a side that he shows to the world, as said above and a softer side that is revealed in clothed bits. Often times, you're so caught up in this image that it catches you by surprise that he can be emotionally damaged. He had loved ones, family. A daughter who he'd risk give an arm and leg for.

In these children books, I found a character to be admired and seek comfort from.

Besides, I always wanted to know what it would be like to have a rat tail.